Wednesday, May 25, 2016

How Music Acts As A Crucial Tool In Advertising

Has it ever happened to you, that the song played in an advertisement has caught your

attention? Yes?

Songs have been a very strong technique for marketers to connect to their target customers

on the basis of emotional levels. There are different types of songs that allow marketers to

target the emotional response of the customers. These responses generally lead to purchase

and helps drive sales.

If we look back at the yesteryears, there were those memorable adverts like  ‘Jab Ghar ki 

Raunak Badhaani ho...Nerolac Nerolac’ and ‘Jab Roshan Ho Tab Bajaj’. And these kind of

adverts which have a recall value even till now are more often than not backed by a catchy

tune and hummable lyrics.

And even if were to look at our busy schedule of today, we do somehow carry adverts like

'Kyuki Har Ek Friend Zaroori Hota Hai' and maybe 'Umeedon wali dhoop, sunshine wali 

aasha' somewhere deep inside of us, humming them every once in a while, dragging our

minds to the underlying product. Isn’t it?

Well, come to think of it, it was the music in these adverts which really stimulated the minds

of the target audiences, and what added cherry to the cake, were the visuals and other


Music has always proven itself to be one of the best and quite an effective advertising tool.

It’s so powerful that it can influence the brand preference and also its remembrance. In fact,

Music has been an age old, yet one of the most impressive and persuasive form of branding

and advertising. It not only shows a direct impact on the brand image, but it also creates a

relationship between customers and their preference of music. It’s not only people who

strongly relate to music, but generically speaking, the human mind considers Musical Notes

to be an influential tool. Music essentially takes shape through connect established between

the theme, the artist, and the lyrics. And the overall structure of a song is integral and helps

brand connect to their customer, and have an influence over them to feel something deep


It makes sense for brands to keep music closely attached to their marketing strategies as

it is a medium to drive ideas and gain attention that incites action. Music attracts people,

and that’s what Brands require. It serves the overall promotional goal and is catchy and

easy to recall. Because of great music and jingles used by advertisers, it helps them meet

their biggest need that is conversion.

Here are are 2 elements which impact your brand’s advertising and how focusing on

different parts of Music can help you to broaden your scope:

  • Engagement

Music proves to be effective in an advertisement if it is made to be more attractive and

alluring to the customers. For an ad to become popular and largely reached to its audience

it needs to engage their attention and the most primitive way of accomplishing this is to

entertain while engaging.

  • Memorability

Jingles are the most common musical technique to recall a product. For example, Nirma had

its jingle on its product and the customers are generally known to favour products which

bring out a degree of recognition and familiarity. The nature of music is such that it tends to

linger in the listener’s mind. Hence, the connection between music to advertise a certain

product may substantially aid product recall.

Music and advertising have gone hand in hand. Music plays a strategic role for brands,

more than just trying to boost brand recall. Therefore, music explains the nature of

advertising and marketing. Thus, Music is a major factor as far as it is considered as a

crucial tool for advertising and has an inevitable role.

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